Gangodawilla Girl’s Home

Update on this Funding

Currently we are not funding this Orphanage. We have done so in the past, but at this moment in time we are not. We hope to re-establish funding support, but will work to support by channelling any direct help that people may want to give. We will do this by putting people in touch with the Nugegoda Midtown Lions Club. We will update you when the situation changes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Gangodawilla Girl’s Home is not connected with the Church of American Ceylon Mission 

Darron Thevarajah
Web Co-ordinator


This Girls home is in Nugegoda , near the capital Colombo was found 50 years ago and has since been expanded with the generous contribution of the public. At present it gives shelter to 98 destitute and/or orphan children, and is a government approved charity organisation. A local, Buddhist organization, All Ceylon Buddhist Congress, is responsible for the running of the home and the school. As part of this initiative, there is also a pre-school which looks after about 50 children and is open to the community at large. This then gives the orphaned children and opportunity to mix with children from the local community

When the Orphans reach secondary school age, they are admitted to the local state schools to continue with their education. Once they complete their secondary education, then the Congress will help them wherever possible to find suitable employment. In addition to modest grant from the Government, about £2.00 per child per month, Lions Club of Midtown, Nugegoda has adopted this initiative as a continuous project worthy of support and has been very active in obtaining funds from various Lions clubs in Norway, District 105G.

One of their major projects was the building of a two storey structure. This cost over 3,000,000 Rs is named the Norgeshjemmet “Norway Home.” It consists of a dormitory with 20 beds, a study hall, library and other facilities. In the Vocational Training Centre, handy craft, artwork, English, dress making, making of soft toys, computer classes are some of the skills in which the children are instructed with a view to be able to sustain themselves sometime in the future.

Mr. Senadira, President of the Board of Management of the home says:

Our mission is to take care of the children sent by the Department of Probation and Child-Care, educate and train them to become useful citizens of Sri Lanka.

In addition to taking care of the children in the Home, we also have a pre-school, which gives the initial education for life, to about 35 little children. The special feature of this pre-school is that it is open to the community and as such, our children begin to socialize with the outer world by mixing up with these children from the neighbourhood at an early age.”

He continues “When the children gain school going age, they are admitted to public schools close by, and continue with their education. The Vocational Centre helps the older girls to train in skills so that they would be able to earn a living through self-employment. Once they complete their education, we help them to find suitable employment under safe conditions.

I am proud to say that we have had about 45 weddings for our girls by now and they all continue to keep in touch and are blessed with happy family lives. We not only feed, clothe and educate them but also ensure that they do not feel they lack parental love and care when they join the real world.

The grant from the government of Sri Lanka, which is Rs. 300/= per month per child under 18 years of age is quite inadequate for the up-keep of the Home, its buildings, feeding of 98 young children with varying needs, and the conduct of its many activities for the benefit and the future welfare of the children.”

This project is endorsed and supported by the Lions club of Midtown , Nugegoda. Please refer to an email sent to me by the President of the club.

Their Needs

They are urgently in need of some equipment for the kitchen and the shower room used by the girls is also in need of refurbishment. The estimated cost of the kitchen equipment is  which is approximately £70.00 (15,500 Rupees) and for the refurbishment project it is   which is  £885.00 (196,00 Rupees)


This is to thank you & your esteemed club for the noble thought you intend helping the “Gangodawila Girls Home” through our Club Nugegoda Mid-town, District 306 C 2. Lion Boyd Rodrigo is our project chairman for service project at Gangodawila Home & will continue to be so with projects sponsored by your club. We greatly appreciate any help you could offer to this home where our club is continuously working with for the past 11 years. We have identified some key urgent maintenance work in their kitchen, toilets and bathrooms to bring about quality life to these orphans. These work requirements has been shown in the estimates obtained from the Home and already forwarded to you by our project Chairman, Lion Boyd. We are grateful for you for the intended humanitarian work you are going to undertake in this much deserving home of these orphaned girls.

Yours In Lionism!

Lion. Major. Anil Kulasuriya.
Lion President,
Lions Club of Nugegoda Mid Town,
District 306 C 2,C/o: 498, R A DeMel Mawatha, Colombo -3

c.c. Lion. Boyd Rodrigo – Project Chairperson

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  1. Dear Sir

    We have recently started an initiative to help underprivileged children in Asia. You may check us out at our website above.

    We would like to help by donating new and/or used English books and other educational materials for your children at pre-school to elementary level.

    Can you point us to the person who should be contacting for a discussion ?

    Yours sincerely
    Albert Teo

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