Two Projects – One Aim

Orphans from Sri Lanka
Children in Orphanage


Presently the focus of this campaign is to help two organisations who are engaged in trying to help those in need. This campaign is not in anyway biased by the political situation in the country. Our aim is to persuade all Sri Lankans who are fortunate enough to be uninvolved in the present conflict, usually those who live abroad, to contribute a small sum of money to these organisations who are doing their best to help those in need.


By focusing on two projects we feel we can do more by way showing how direct funding can immediately benefit those who are already making an effort through self-help and love. In the same way that towns have twinned throughout the  world  maybe  organisations, social networks or other  groupings  will  choose  to make  direct and focused  links. We hope to demonstrate that this model is viable and does make an immediate impact – this helps the recipients and encourages the donors as they see their direct aid being of immediate benefit.

It is for this reason, this campaign works through the Lions organisations in both countries, thus ensuring that all donations are channelled directly into needy causes through the local Lions clubs who ensure that all the donations are delivered to the selected programmes.

The Projects

St.John’s Mission

Our first step in this campaign was aiding the Church of American Ceylon Mission in Batticola (East Sri Lanka), who have been in existence since 1989 as St.John’s Mission and have initiated so many  projects. We were inspired by the work of Rev. Jeyanesan when we started this appeal.

 Gangodawilla Girls Home

The  second project  is the Gangodawilla Girls Home in Nugegoda, near the capital, Colombo. This centre is run by a local, Buddhist organization, All Ceylon Buddhist Congress – NOT the Church of American Ceylon Mission


Campaign Update: We are not (currently) financially supporting the Gangodawilla Girls Home. We have done so in the past, and hope to re-establish direct support. We will endeavour to put people in touch with the Lions Group in Nugegoda to support the Girls Home – but until further notice we are not directly passing funds. We will update this site when the situation changes.