St John’s Orphanage, Batticaloa

Below are some of the orphans typical of those who have benefited from the work of the St. John’s Orphange staff. Many are direct victims of the civil war, whose parents have been killed or missing. Others are victims of circumstances. All are given a home, love and a sense of belonging when life had seemed so bleak.(descriptions of each child by staff from the Orphanage)


Mohanasanthi Mathymohan

Born 31st August 1993 in Batticaloa. Her mother was shot dead during a confrontation between the armed forces and the rebels whilst returning home after work. Her father had been sick for a long time and became mentally ill because of severe conditions of poverty and committed suicide in 1997. She was brought to the orphanage by a social worker who visited her village. Mohanasanthi is very talkative and mixes freely with the other children, she is always cheerful and smiling despite the trauma she has faced.


Mohanapriya Mathymohan (Priya)

Born 15 February 1991 in Batticaloa. Prone to illness and is nervous at times. Her mother was killed in crossfire between the armed forces and the rebels near her home. Her father suffered mental illness and committed suicide when she was six. Priya is a quiet child who is fond of playing with other children.


Tharshini Velan (known as Purusi)

Born 14th March 1983 in Batticaloa, she had skin allergies, but was treated and is now alright. Her father had long term heart problems and died 1994. The mother was admitted to a hospital in 1998 after she became seriously ill and died in hospital a week after. Purusi was brought in by her grandmother, who was unable to look after her. She is a bright child, who is very active and helpful, good at her studies, and sings in the church’s choir.


Sinthuja Kumar

Born on the 29th Dec 1989 in Kalkuda, Batticaloa. Her father was taken from his home for an inquiry, never to return, feared dead, when her village was surrounded by the armed forces during heightened ethnic violence. Her Mother was very sick and has been bedridden for the last 2 years. She was brought by an aunt to the Kiran Orphanage. Sinthuja is a good natured girl, very much interested in her studies and sings well.

Vijayaledchumy Nadarasa (known as Vijaya)
Born 13th April 1987 in Batticaloa. Father committed suicide by drinking poison. He did not have a regular job and became depressed as he was not able to care for the family. Mother died in 1994, from cancer. Her Grandmother was too old to look after her and brought her to the Kiran Orphanage. Vijaya is a very cheerful child, smiling all the time.

Ranee Suntharalingam
Born 3rd March 1987 in Batticaloa. Her father died of Tuberculosis in 1997. Her mother died in 1998 from rheumatism and other complaints. Ranee is very cheerful and helpful in the orphanage.