Volunteers wanted to work in Sri Lanka

Occasionally limited places are available for those who are interested in becoming volunteers. Volunteers from all walks of life, of all ages can offer their services for periods as short as a few weeks to months to help with the various requirements of these projects. Free accommodation and transport from Colombo to the orphanages  is available for such volunteers. You have to find the necessary funds to for your flight and other incidental expenses.

Not only will you be visiting one of most beautiful Islands in the world with miles of palm fringed beeches and year round sunshine, you will also have the satisfaction of having helped a truly worthy cause. If you are retired or desire a break between school terms or work, why not give it a try. It may turn out to be an experience of a life time.

Whilst every endeavour would be made to ensure your safety, the Church or this campaign cannot be held responsible for your safety.

We advice all volunteers to be fully aware of the security situation.

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Email from one of the Volunteers. September 2011

Hello Trevor,

I am sorry I didn’t respond earlier, but I just started studying and it has been pretty busy. Yes I spent around four weeks in St. Andrews and would have stayed longer if I could have. The people (kids, teachers and of course Rev. Rohaan) were very welcoming and nice. I got to help teaching at the pre School and at the disabled day care and spent the afternoons with the kids in the orphanage. We either just talked (which I am sure was great for the kids to acutally use the english they learned at school) or played cricket and other games. I had a room, which was very comfortable and they prepared very delicious sri lankan food for me every day.

It was very sad to leave after the four weeks and I am still in contact with Rev. Rohaan and some of the teachers. Unfortunately most of the kids don’t have an Internet access so they can’t sent e-mails.
But if I can, I will definitely return for a visit in the near future. It was a very special time, not just any vaccation. I acutally got to experience the east sri lankan culuture and way of living. They are such kind and special people, even though they have suffered so much in the past.

I am actually planig to do a little presentation of my experiences in Sri Lanka for my friends and family and I am trying to raise some money for christmas to support St. Andrews. If you would like to see that presentation I will sent it to you, but I don’t know yet when I will find the time.
Sadly I don’t have many photographs anymore, I lost one of my camera cards on the way back to Germany and lost all of the pics I had taken at St. Andrews. Rev. Rohaan took some of me and the kids at a youth camp and he sent them to me when I told him about my lost. I will include them in my presentation.

Kind regards

Lena Johe

3 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. Hi,I’m a college student studying Sociology in China,I’m very interested to become a volunteer in your charity.I’ve volunteered before in my own country,looking after kids with disabilities.I feel really sorry for those kids because they could have a chance to change their life,and they need others’ help.And I wanna to be someone that offers help.Maybe I can’t support these kids finacially,I’m just a normal student,but I have a warm heart and I’m ready to be a good friend that they can talk with.I can give some Chinese classes if they want to learn some Chinese and I can bring some stationary and candy as gifts.
    Please tell me if you would accept a half-month volunteer duration from late July to mid-August.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Hello Cherie,

      I have forwarded your kind offer of help to our contacts in sri Lanka – Dr. Darshan Ambalavanar, Baticola project manager with The Church of the American Ceylon Mission (CACM)

      We are based in the UK so we send over details of people who wish to volunteer.

      He should be in contact soon.

      Many thanks
      Darron Thevarajah
      Uk Web co-ordinator
      Sri Lankan Orphanages

  2. Hello,
    My name is Constanza Fernandez and I am a New Zealand citizen. I am leaving for Sri Lanka next Wednesday, 17th of April and I would like to offer my help in your organization.
    Myself, together with my Sri Lankan friend have read the information in your website and have felt inspired by the work you do with the kids.
    We both have experience teaching kids in pre-school and primary age. We are both fluent in the English Language, and have been heavily involved in the community by the work we do through our church. We are keen and willing to help in whatever is necessary.
    We have also raised a small amount of funds we would like to donate while helping there. It is not much, and that is why we would love to help in any possible way.
    We have one to two weeks available but happy to extend this.
    Please let us know if there is anything we should take from here.
    Please confirm when it would be a good time for us to come and help, as we would need to arrange our accommodation.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Constanza & Dhansuhi

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