Company Donations

Company Contributions to Sri Lankan Orphanage Appeal

Companies can help support this campaign by contributing towards a special project. If you would like to make a contribution, please read on.

The purpose of this website is to persuade individuals to contribute on a regular basis a small sum of money, say £5.00, which would feed a child for a whole month. Our aim is to find at least 100 individuals initially (the ultimate objective is at least a 1000) so that 100 more children can be fed on a regular basis.

As much as the helpless very young ones need to be fed, there are a large number of teenagers who do not at present have life sustaining skills. Unless these youngsters are given the opportunity to learn such a skill, there is always the danger that they will be easy targets for future terrorist involvement.

Based on the rationale that “It is better to teach someone to fish rather than give them a fish,” there are presently a number of Vocational Training centres which train youngsters in such skills. Unfortunately there aren’t enough of them. In the existing centres there are 1000 applicants just for 96 places.

With a view to increasing the capacity of the existing Vocational Training centres, the Lions are approaching organisations who are prepared to contribute a regular sum of money on a monthly basis. Already two such organisations, Bodyshop Magazine and Norton Consulting have agreed to donate towards this project. Our intentions are to, initially, find at least 8 other organisations who are prepared to contribute regularly.

One of the printing machines in one of these centres was obtained from a grant from Lions Club International.

St John's mission-printing-press

Please consider making a contribution towards this project. All you have to do is:

  • Download the bank mandate and fill in the details and send it to your bank.
  • Then, please contact us at the following email
  • If you have a website we will create a link to your site.
  • Your organisation’s name will also appear on the site as one of the regular donors.
  • Please remember this amount is tax deductible.