Report from Dr. Rev. Jeynesan in Aug. 2007

Email Sent Trevor Thevarajah from Dr. Rev. Jeynesan

My Dearest Trevor,

Greetings from St. Johns Center Batticaloa Sri Lanka. I am happy to inform you that I have been elected as the Chairman of the Church of the American Ceylon Mission. 93% of the congregation and 95% of the Pastors voted and insisted that I should accept this position.

After much thought and prayers I have accepted this position. I need all of your support and prayers to perform duties to the lord and the humanity. I will be stationed in Batticaloa and operate from there.We also have accepted to have congregational form of administration. That means the Chairman can continue for 2 years and he can be elected for 1 more term. Then he will get back to a parish.We are planning to have a celebration on the 16th Sunday in Batticaloa.

There also be ordination of ministers. After that there will be a public meeting. I am inviting you to attend these meetings and speak in the public meeting. That means you may have to advance your trip either to Friday the 14th of the Saturday the 15th. We are proud of you for all your hard work. May the good Lord bless you. Here with I am attaching the latest report on our relief activities done by us to the Alankulm refugees and orphanages Shanthi Sundaran-maraj contacted me and I have replied to her. Hope that she will come out with some assistance.

Report on Relief work

After Government declared that they have captured Thopikala jungle and liberated from Tigers. Immediately Government started resettling the war IDPS(Internally displaced people). But still more than 50% of the IDPS are remaining in temporary shelters in an around Batticaloa. The IDPS who were resettled are also returning back to their camps in Batticaloa because still no relief workers are allowed to go in to the liberated area to do their relief activities.

Some of the IDPS who returned were killed by unknown gunmen where the area is under the control of Government forces. Many INGOS are closing down their offices in Batticaloa and leaving the Country because of threats from unknown people. So the humanitarian works conducted by the agencies are slowing down. Very few agencies are working in relief activities. As we are a Church organization we are managing to penetrate into areas where others cannot reach.

On the 3rd of August our team of Pastors and relief workers went to Alankulam where more than 400 IDP families are living. We distributed food items, milk food, cloths and educational items. We also conducted medical clinic. All these people are from Mutur, Sampoor, Karadiyanaru and Kithul areas. These people will remain here permanently because the places where they were living have declared by the Government as High Security Zone.

We are the only organization looking after these 400 families. Also we provide them drinking water, medical assistance for the disabled and Child Friendly Space for children. In the beginning we provided tents for all these families to settle down.

As almost one year has passed the tents are worn-out and the rainy season is almost upon us, we are looking for assistance to construct temporary shelters for all of them. Our orphanage programmes are continuing. At present we have 7 orphanages in the East and we have 473 children.

Most of them are war and Tsunami victims. Herewith I am attaching some pictures of the relief activities and the shelters where these people are living. We have also given the packages to the children in the orphanages. They also received educational materials. These are all very appropriate and very timely activities provided by us. Thank you so much for your leadership and guidance. May God bless you all.

Yours very sincerely,

Rev. Dr. S. Jeyanesan