2011 Report from Orphanage Project Manager

In 2011 our website has played large part in some of the activities at the Orphange as reported by the Project Manager. I will sumarise these below.


a) Sophie Robson and Lucy Orton spent one week at St. Andrews with the two children’s homes, last December.

b) In April-May, Lena Johe came for one month to St. Andrews.

c) In July, Soren Molineux and 2 other friends did a delivery of 3 shirts per student, to 70 children in our homes.

They have discussed providing similar support next year and I am waiting to hear back about that. Please visit this site, they have a number of photgraphs and a writeup.

Smile Clothing Sri Lanka. from Smile Clothing on Vimeo.


d) Peter Danby and team – this is the group who was to go to SOS villages-the team of 4 spent one week at St. Andrews but also at

St. Johns Boys Home

They primarily worked with the kids through sports.  They have committed to returning next year. www.saok.org.uk

Please visit this site too for more photographs and possible future projects.

Peter Danby is putting together a small group interested in working with projects on us -particularly in our educational and vocational training work. Peter is visiting in October, and has made contacts with a local architect, to discuss with our VTC about alternate construction methods in building class room facilities.  We are hopeful that this will help us to develop both the VTC and our educational programs. Peter is exploring to see what other  supports can be developed through this.  He is also itnerested in developing the sports facilities at St. John’s Boys home.

e) 3 other young voulnteers came for 2 weeks in June and worked with the kids at St. Andrews and St. Johns.

Dr. Darshan Ambalavanar, the Project Manager says “In short, the connections your website and your club has developed for us have been extremely helpful. In the short instance providing children with a variety of people to interact with, and in the long term with other possible partners and friends.  We have been keen to emphasize to the volunteers, and especially to Peter with the follow up work, that we are keen to build relationships and not merely funding sources, and that we hope people will come, if possible repeatedly and develop their own ties with local communities and projects.”

 “So please thank the Shrewsbury Lions club on our behalf and please do continue to forward volunteer links to us.  We are keen to develop some facilities in the north, including the Wanni, where we can host volunteers and if those can be developed we will inform you of that, so that you can post that there.”

In addition the Shrewsbury Lions Club sponsored an “After Schools Programme” to the value of £1100.

£35,290 raised since 2003

So far £35,290 has been donated to various projects since the inception of this initiative in 2003. The donations have been used for different purposes some of which are listed below.

  1. One of the nutritional eeding centres of the St. John’s mission is olely maintainenutrional-centre in Batticoloa, Sri Lankad by donations from this initiative. Between 25-30 children are given three meals a day.
  2. The Girl’s home is Gangodawilla has had the kitchen and all the shower rooms totally refurbished.
  3. The same Girl’s home also acquired some essential kitchen utensils by using donations from this initiative.
  4. So far more than 8 sewing machines have been donated to the Widows Empowerment project.

    Sewing Machines for the Widows Empowerment Project

  5. The Printing shop in one of the Vocational Training Centres is equipped with the help of a grant from LCIF, Lions Club International Fund and donations from this initiative.
    Sri Lankan donated printing press

6. Shrewsbury Lions club is sponsoring an “After School Programme”  at Mallavi starting in 2011

Click here to view donations so far.

Report From Joseph Vos – Nutritional Feeding and Vocational Training Centres

Dear Trevor,

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to write to you before. Due to the fact that I was hosting my friend Herman with his friend and was showing him the orphanage that he is supporting, we were busy every day and all my time went into that, so that I could allow Rev. Jeyanesan to attend to urgent matters concerning the running of all the projects under his care. Rev. Jeyanesan had been away for about a month, visiting the US and Canada, so upon his return he had many things to attend to. Rev. Jeyanesan shared with me about his contacts with you and asked me to help him with keeping in contact with you while I am here in Sri Lanka.

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Results from Vanni appeal

The response to the latest appeal to help the Internally Displaced People in the Vanni area has been extremely positive. So fare we have received £1745, this is over and above the usual donations towards the Nutritional Feeding Centre project. The Treasurer of the Shrewsbury Lions club is arranging to send the donations to the Lions club in Batticaloa who will ensure that the money is handed over to St. John’s mission.

Extract from the latest email from Rev. Jeyanesan September 2008

My dear Trevor,

Greetings from St. Johns Centre, Batticaloa

Thank you for your mail. We have received the original copy up the audited statement. I am posting it today by surface mail.

I am so busy in organizing relief to Vanni IDPs. After the recent attack of LTTE, Government has asked all the humanitarian organizations to vacate Vanni. All of them have left Vanni, Only UN organizations are talking with government to continue their activities. But, there is no hope in obtaining permission.

We are doing relief in two ways, we organize relief from Colombo and transport same or we send money to our pastors and ask them to do the relief work.

I thank you for all your efforts to support our affected community. We also thank the members of Thamil Association, Shrewsbury Lions club and other donors for their generous support and assistance.

I will send you a report on our relief activities as early as possible.


With peace and prayers,

Rev. Dr. S. Jeyanesan

Report from Rev. Jeyanesan August 2008

My dear Trevor,

Greetings from St. Johns Center CACM, Batticaloa

I am very happy to inform you that this morning the treasurer Lions Club of Batticaloa handed over us a cheque for Rs. 430565/=. Here with I am enclosing the official receipt (scanned copy) for the same.

I take this opportunity to thank you and the Lions Club of Shrewsbury.

We have asked our official auditors to give us a separate audited statement for the money we received from you in the year 2007. I am sure we will receive the statement this week. As soon as we receive it we will forward the same to you.

Here with I am enclosing some pictures of the Day Care/nutritional feeding Center Kiran. Last week they had their annual sports meet and parents and community get together. At present we have 74 children. We do provide breakfast and lunch. Periodical medical test are conducted by our medical team.We also give the children nutrition’s and vitamins. Earlier they have detected vitamin “D” deficiency among few children. We are happy that has improved satisfactorily after treatment.

I am sure you are aware the army offensive in Vanni area. At present there are about 200,000 IDP’s staying under very hard conditions. We are doing our very best to support at least few of them with emergency food and medicine. (Please see latest appeal)

I am also attaching a copy of the acknowledgement given to Lions Club Batticaloa

Thank you and your club for your continuous tireless support.

May God bless you, bless your family and bless your Lions Club

Thank you

Yours very sincerely

Rev. Jeyanesan