The Appeal


Sri Lankan Orphans“It only costs £5  to feed any one of us for a month.
Can you help us?”

Hope in post-civil war Sri Lanka

These are just some of the many children who have been affected by the Sri Lankan conflict. But they are also the lucky ones. Despite suffering loss of parents/family they has received loving care from The Church of the American Ceylon mission (Batticaloa, East Sri Lanka). Without such help who knows what would have become of these children. The work at the Church of American Ceylon Mission, Gangodawilla Girls Home and other Orphanages represent hope and direction for the troubled land of Sri Lanka.

If initiatives like this can flourish and help to rebuild the lives of Sri Lanka’s devastated youth, then there can be hope that peace and stability can be established by sheer willingness of the people, willingness to help rather than hurt their neighbours and fellow Sri Lankans. It can help overcome the cycle of violence that many youth have slipped into in recent years.

Focus of the Campaign

This site and the campaign is dedicated to materially aiding projects, that are shining examples of Sri Lankans rebuilding the lives of orphans and widows affected by the conflict. Initially by focusing on two projects the campaign initiators are hoping to show the way in which we can directly aid local Sri Lankan projects. We hope others will emulate this campaign.

Direct funding can deliver more benefits

Our approach has been to make direct contact and establish a meaningful relationship with organisations that help those in need. Through Regular Donations we are seeing progress in these Sri Lankan communities.

Because we have built a relationship with these organisations, we can demonstrate a direct co-relation between monies raised and benefits received by the orphans & widows as all donations are handled by Lions Clubs at both ends, clubs which do not use any of the donations to administer the clubs as these clubs are run voluntarily and through membership fees.

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