2011 Report from Orphanage Project Manager

In 2011 our website has played large part in some of the activities at the Orphange as reported by the Project Manager. I will sumarise these below.


a) Sophie Robson and Lucy Orton spent one week at St. Andrews with the two children’s homes, last December.

b) In April-May, Lena Johe came for one month to St. Andrews.

c) In July, Soren Molineux and 2 other friends did a delivery of 3 shirts per student, to 70 children in our homes.

They have discussed providing similar support next year and I am waiting to hear back about that. Please visit this site, they have a number of photgraphs and a writeup.

Smile Clothing Sri Lanka. from Smile Clothing on Vimeo.


d) Peter Danby and team – this is the group who was to go to SOS villages-the team of 4 spent one week at St. Andrews but also at

St. Johns Boys Home

They primarily worked with the kids through sports.  They have committed to returning next year. www.saok.org.uk

Please visit this site too for more photographs and possible future projects.

Peter Danby is putting together a small group interested in working with projects on us -particularly in our educational and vocational training work. Peter is visiting in October, and has made contacts with a local architect, to discuss with our VTC about alternate construction methods in building class room facilities.  We are hopeful that this will help us to develop both the VTC and our educational programs. Peter is exploring to see what other  supports can be developed through this.  He is also itnerested in developing the sports facilities at St. John’s Boys home.

e) 3 other young voulnteers came for 2 weeks in June and worked with the kids at St. Andrews and St. Johns.

Dr. Darshan Ambalavanar, the Project Manager says “In short, the connections your website and your club has developed for us have been extremely helpful. In the short instance providing children with a variety of people to interact with, and in the long term with other possible partners and friends.  We have been keen to emphasize to the volunteers, and especially to Peter with the follow up work, that we are keen to build relationships and not merely funding sources, and that we hope people will come, if possible repeatedly and develop their own ties with local communities and projects.”

 “So please thank the Shrewsbury Lions club on our behalf and please do continue to forward volunteer links to us.  We are keen to develop some facilities in the north, including the Wanni, where we can host volunteers and if those can be developed we will inform you of that, so that you can post that there.”

In addition the Shrewsbury Lions Club sponsored an “After Schools Programme” to the value of £1100.