£35,290 raised since 2003

So far £35,290 has been donated to various projects since the inception of this initiative in 2003. The donations have been used for different purposes some of which are listed below.

  1. One of the nutritional eeding centres of the St. John’s mission is olely maintainenutrional-centre in Batticoloa, Sri Lankad by donations from this initiative. Between 25-30 children are given three meals a day.
  2. The Girl’s home is Gangodawilla has had the kitchen and all the shower rooms totally refurbished.
  3. The same Girl’s home also acquired some essential kitchen utensils by using donations from this initiative.
  4. So far more than 8 sewing machines have been donated to the Widows Empowerment project.

    Sewing Machines for the Widows Empowerment Project

  5. The Printing shop in one of the Vocational Training Centres is equipped with the help of a grant from LCIF, Lions Club International Fund and donations from this initiative.
    Sri Lankan donated printing press

6. Shrewsbury Lions club is sponsoring an “After School Programme”  at Mallavi starting in 2011

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Report From Joseph Vos – Nutritional Feeding and Vocational Training Centres

Dear Trevor,

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to write to you before. Due to the fact that I was hosting my friend Herman with his friend and was showing him the orphanage that he is supporting, we were busy every day and all my time went into that, so that I could allow Rev. Jeyanesan to attend to urgent matters concerning the running of all the projects under his care. Rev. Jeyanesan had been away for about a month, visiting the US and Canada, so upon his return he had many things to attend to. Rev. Jeyanesan shared with me about his contacts with you and asked me to help him with keeping in contact with you while I am here in Sri Lanka.

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