Spring 2005 Round-up

Latest Developments and Donations. Hope you all have had the opportunity to the read the various reports from Rev. Jeynesan (and Joseph Vos). His team is doing a fantastic job, not only to look after an increased number of children but also to bring immediate relief to the victims.

(Last reports from Rev. Jeynesan: tsunami in Batticola – Rev. Jeynesan [Dec. 2004]
tsunami in Batticola – by Joseph Vos [Dec. 2004] – check Tsunami section for all posts on that subject)
Now for some good news. Rev. Jeynesan wanted to add a printing division to the Vocational Training centre. The Lions club of Shrewsbury applied for a Lions Clubs International Foundation grant of $5,000. This has now been approved. The moneys we have been accumulating towards this project will be sent to Rev. Jeynesan along with the grant within the next few weeks.

Don Perera has been spreading the message in the South Wales area. A consequence of this has been number of fund raising events organised by a few organisations.

  1. An event called Dance Aid organised by Ann Phillipart was a tremendous success. She raised a fantastic £1640.
  2. We also had a donation of £300 from the Parish of Cwmavon
  3.  Don’s son Carl works for Das Services in Caerphilly They have donated £130
  4. £53 from the Childcare unit of the Neath College
  5.  A one off payment of £5 from Clive Makenzie

Our sincere appreciation for all these donations. It was bad enough that there had to be Orphanages because of the past ethnic conflict. The tsunami disaster has resulted in even more children having to be given a helping hand. Every penny counts, let us hope we can find even more ways of raising money for these children who through no fault of their own are without parents.