Latest Funding 2008 Update –

A summary of our funding achievements

So far approximately £25,000 has been collected and donated to the cause since this initiative began. Presently about £1200 every quarter is remitted. We have about 20 regular donors and two companies who also donate on a regular monthly basis. Occasionally we have unusual donations, one of our regular donors who got married recently requested his guests to donate to this initiative.

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£5,250 so far sent to Sri Lanka

  • A further sum of £1750 has been sent to Sri Lanka to support the project making a total of no less than £5,250. Most of this came from donations made by the various Lions clubs in the Zone, when they adopted this as the Zone Project. We also have 15 donors who are contributing monthly a sum of £5.00 towards this project.
  • An application is being prepared to be submitted to the Lions Club International Fund requesting donations to extend an existing Vocational Centre in Batticaloa. Rev. Jeynesan feels that more young people can be given the opportunity to acquire skills and fend for themselves. To meet the necessary criteria of LCIF matching funds raised by Lions clubs towards capital projects, we are actively seeking large organisation that are prepared to donate towards this project. Once again we are delighted to say GEMNI Group of companies have agreed to donate a regular sum of £100 on a monthly basis to kick off this second phase of the project.
  • The President of the Lions club in Batticaloa has expressed a wish to come over to the UK and meet up with members of the Lions club in Shrewsbury. Coincidentally Rev. Jeynesan, the Manager of the Orphanages project is also going to be visiting the UK at the same time. Members of the club are very much looking forward to these visits. These are scheduled for the latter part of August 2003.