The Initial Spend

Report on how £3,500 that was raised towards this appeal was spent.According to Rev. Jeyanesan the first instalment of £3,500 was invested in the Nutritional Feeding Programme run in the Eastern Province. The following centres are being supported at a cost per month of £145  per month per centre:

  1. St. John’s Nutritional Feeding Centre with 60 children which is being run on the compound of the St. John’s Church in Batticaloa. This is the main church centre from which Rev. Jeyanesan orchestrates all the various projects and which functions as his home-base.
  2.  Kiran NFC, 60 children, Kiran is a village 27 km north from the St. John’s Centre which was affected by the Indian peace keeping force and later by the Sri Lanka army and special task forces. Many people lost their bread winners, and so many children need help here.
  3. Periyanilavanai Nutritional Feeding Centre has 55 children. Periyanilavanai is a border village between Muslim and Hindu villages and is situated 41 kilometres south from the St. John’s Centre. This Nutritional Feeding Centre is run on a compound together with a church and the Herman’s Girls Home.

These three centres have been running from the February 1st from funds provided by us. At the end of each year, we will be provided with Financial Statements audited by a Chartered Accountant. Monies will be spent solely on these three centres.

The activities going on in the Nutritional Feeding Centres are as follows:

  1. Feeding: the children often do not get more than once a day food. This program allows them to receive two extra meals a day
  2. Preventive medicines and vaccinations. The centres do provide medicines and vaccinations as necessary.
  3. The older children can go to school instead of having to stay at home to take care of the younger ones.
  4.  Nursery education. The children are also receiving some basic nursery education.